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My name is Howie DeFelice, callsign AB2S and  I am currently a second alternate director in AMSAT. I am running to seek a term as a full member of the Board of Directors. I ran for the office of director last year because I felt AMSAT needed some new blood with some new ideas. As an alternate director I got to observe from the sidelines, at least as much as I could since regular board meetings were suspended for the first time in the organizations history. I’m afraid my worst fears were true and the leadership of AMSAT really is a “good ole boys club”.  When new people became part of the organization last year it went into hibernation mode. This effectively froze any possible new ideas that were different from the legacy members’ long held beliefs. The only way forward for the organization is to change the composition of the board of directors. I would like to outline some of the small things that can be done that could have a positive impact on the organization.